March 29, 2017

Our Minister

Greetings and Talofa lava!

The question of God’s existence will never go away, but there are people with the conviction, faith, understanding and experience that the existence of God makes sense; I am one of those. The answer to this question is logically and sensibly elucidated through the person of Jesus Christ. His life, teachings and ministry enlighten us about God’s ways. The purpose of His coming to the world sheds light on how God deals with humanity. His teachings clearly portray the contrast between the way we naturally think and react and how God divinely does.

While we naturally tend to be selfish in our attitudes, God is unconditionally selfless. Jesus Christ’s  sacrificial selflessness  epitomises God’s profound love for the whole of humanity and creation. God’s vision for all people was to rediscover the beauty (God’s image) placed in humanity but lost through sinfulness. His mission has been to help people live life to the fullest. These objectives were implemented through Jesus Christ for people to rejoice in the Kingdom of God or the invisible Church in which Christ is the King and the Head.  The call to carry out these objectives has been placed upon the church. And those who respond faithfully to this call certainly have Christ as the centre of their life.  The affirmation of any community or individuals having Christ as the centre of their mission is assured by their concern for all people regardless. They seek to do their best to ensure that people grow in the faith to love and with the pursuit to encourage engaging in doing good contagiously.

I believe that all people are called to carry out God’s purpose and objectives wherever they are. I’m humbled to have been called to share the journey with fellow servants at Keilor East/Airport West Congregation in the very near future, and to engage passionately, enthusiastically, faithfully and trustingly in God’s mission through the ministry entrusted to us by the church.

Yours in fellowship,

Samasoni Nafatali.